Personal and Individual Distant Spiritual Counselling

and Healing


There are times in life when just existing seems to be a terrible, terrible burden.  Life seems so heavy and oppressive that is all we can do to just get up in the morning.  It would be so nice just to curl up somewhere and forget it all.    All our faith and beliefs seem to have deserted us and we stand alone with no support at all.


Such times are called "The Dark Night of the Soul".


It is during these dark times of soul searching and despair that great Inner Growth CAN occur.  This can happen even if we are being badly affected by apparently outer circumstances.  Outer circumstances merely reflect the state of our inner self.


Our old beliefs will die hard, and the less logical and workable those beliefs, the harder is the struggle.  Deep depression will set in as we shift from our old beliefs and habit patterns to the new and untried ones we would like to adopt.  The people around us will sometimes just not know what we are going through in our struggle.  "Wake up to yourself", 'Get your act together', they may say.  


They have no idea of the deep inner struggle going on inside us, as we struggle with the  problems which face us, as we realize our only hope is to "get a little help from our spiritual friends".


There are many negative and self-destructive beliefs, habit patterns and health issues, and they will not depart with any good grace either.  It is only by the light of growing Self Awareness and Self Love that a more positive experience of life can be gained.


Patricia now offers an Individual, Distant Spiritual Counselling and Healing Service, either by Healing Sessions over the phone or Skype

Patricia has over 33 years of experience, working with stress management of all kinds.  As well as over 16 years experience as a Reiki and Spiritual healer, and over 20 years in the nursing profession, offering a professional, personally designed caring service.

For full details of this service, please email Patricia at:



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